Ruby Range GF Mixes

I have an array of recipes and photos to add to my blog. I have been unable to do so, however, for I cannot find my sd card reader [to clarify, I can't get my pictures on my computer without this device]. I hope to finish unpacking soon.

My husband said "well, you can still post something!"

So here it is.

We recently tried a pancake mix by the Ruby Range. It has mesquite flour and teff flour. The directions on the back call for dairy ingredients. Since we are casein free, we substituted for non-dairy ingredients with fantastic results.

Mesquite flour:

• Has sustained desert dwellers for centuries

• Has a low glycemic index

• Is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc

• Adds vegetable protein including lysine to the diet

• Supports sustainable agriculture world wide

• Can be used as a tasty condiment or in baking

Teff flour:

• Is a source of calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper and thiamin

• It is high in amino acids and contains higher levels of lysine than wheat or barley

• Is used throughout Ethiopia and is thought to have originated there

Sourced information:

Mesquite Flour

Teff Flour

These pancakes are so wonderful. They have a nutty and almost chocolatey burst of flavor. They have a smooth, melt in your mouth texture. Enjoy them drizzled with maple syrup or agave. 


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Vittoria said...

It's good to see your back. I trust your move was successful and without to much extra stress. I too have been "bad", my camera has been sitting on my desk at work for a week. LOL

veggiemama said...

Thanks Vittoria. Actually, my move was the exact opposite.. loaded with stress. lol :( Oh well!!

Your Apple Vitti looks great. I can't have flaxseed though, or quinoa.. I wonder what I could sub for, or just leave it out...

Vittoria said...

you could substitute any other shortening for the flax, avocado, oil, coconut butter. You could probably substitute coconut flakes for the quinoa, or GF oats if you can have those (I can't). The original recipe was for 1/2c plus 2Tbsp shortening and oats.