Drown your sorrows with Vanilla Voodoo

Okay, this is so good. You just have to splurge sometimes, and if this is as bad as it gets, then you're doing pretty good. Most people, it seems, have a habit of over eating when they are stressed. For me, it has always been the exact opposite. It is sort of a toss up on which is worse, over eating when stressed or not eating at all. On one hand, you overload your system but you still are getting some nutrients. On the other hand, you are too stressed to eat and are not getting nutrients. So, my vote is the latter is worse. But, luckily, I've learned to just "chill" for the most part and eat anyway. To practice, I decided to try it out on some Vanilla Voodoo.

They have other flavors, including:
Coconut'n else
Chocolate Cay

Check out more info and other flavors at:
Sid Wiggy

They are based in Fort Collins, Colorado and are gluten and dairy free.

I purchased mine at the Vitamin Cottage in Lafayette. I am not sure if Whole Foods carries them or not. Be ware, their "where to buy" section is out of date... as they list the Boulder Co-op, which is no longer in operation.

So, I'm a Vanilla Voodoo kind of girl... I'm also into drinking plain water or herbal tea. But for those of you who are more hardcore, I give you Red Bridge [Gluten Free]. I twiddled my thumbs over posting about it, because I really don't believe in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It's just not my thing. But we tried it recently, or at least my husband did, I only took a taste. It's okay, I guess. I don't like the taste of any beer, so I'm a bad judge. My husband drinks maybe 3 or 4 once a year, literally. But he at least likes the taste, and he says Red Bridge is good. So there you have it.


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