A Reflection in the Rain

Thank you, rain.
You cleanse the air, feed our sprouting seeds and nourish our buds.

You create puddles for little ones to jump in
and sometimes, if they are brave, adults will too

You help us welcome spring
and give us a reason to put our rain boots on

So, rain, Thanks.. and do come again.

It was raining and I said to my husband "Let's go walk in the rain. We can go check the mail too"
So he obliged, and we got our daughter ready to go out in the rain. She loved it, of course. That's her in the picture, isn't she the cutest?

As we were walking though, he said to me "what are you waiting for in the mail?" with that look of "yeh you're doing this just because...."
Offended [not really, but that sounds more thrilling], I said "Nothing! I just wanted to walk in the rain."
"Really." as he continued to give me a look of mixed bewilderment and disbelief
Am I really that plain? Hm.

These Coconut "Ice Cream" Bars are a hot commodity. In our house, they do not last long. They not only taste great great great, but fulfill several requirements:
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
and Organic!
They have other flavors to, notably: Strawberry. I had this as a treat during my labor.

What are you thankful for? How do you perceive rain? Is it something that bothers you, just another negative in a day already rushed and over-extended? Or do you really stop and appreciate rain?


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Vittoria said...

I love the rain! Especially thunderstorms. For some reason they make me nice and cozy, my dad and I used to count between the lighting and thunder and try to figure out where the lightening hit. On camping trips, all the best memories seem to involve being stuck in the car or tent (or river) while the rain poured down. Living in the city, sometimes I forget, when I get slapped with wet umbrellas or spend the day with wet feet. I'd spend more time in th rain if the damp didn't irritate my skin too much. But nothing beats the spring colors after a storm!

Vittoria said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'd love to chat about my skin, and all the things that help and hurt it, but I couldn't find your email. If you're interested in my experiences with alligator skin, let me know. :)

Kalisha said...

Yeah I love the fresh smell of the air after it rains! It's fun to let the girls go and play in too. Puddly splashing is so much fun!