Chives and Basil Rice

Some of my favorite things: onions, fresh basil, and chives. This sauce is simple to make but very piquant. 

All you need:
1 or 2 cups of rice
Yellow onion 
Chives (fresh preferably)
Basil (fresh preferably) 

Chop, dice or otherwise slice:
1 Large Onion
7 or so stems of Chives
7 leaves of Basil (fresh from outside your door, if you can!)

Add a generous serving of organic extra-virgin olive oil to a sauce pan.
Add the onions, chives and basil
Sprinkle some himalayan salt (or other)

Saute until onions are translucent but not brown. Serve over organic white or brown rice.

To expand the recipe you can add vegetables of your choice, if you wish. I enjoyed this, however, because I got to relish the taste of basil and onions. Mmmm.


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