Snow in March and Earth Hour

So I am officially opening up the blog today. To celebrate, we had a fresh dusting of snow overnight. I no longer find it ironic that it can be sunny one day, teasing people with the essence of spring, and the next day you can wake up to a dusting of snow. That is simply how the weather is here in Colorado, and call us crazy, but we think of it as one of the many perks of living here. You learn to keep the boots and coats out until at least May. It's a way of life I guess. You get enough winter to hope for Spring, and enough Summer to hope for Winter. It all evens out and it's really just wonderful.

Earth Hour was March 29th, and for those who weren't aware of it, it meant that you turn off all lights and unplug appliances for at least an hour starting at 8pm. People and businesses in small and major cities around the world all obliged. Apparently, it was one of the few things that we can all agree on. So, if you were ill informed or just forgot to flick the switch then make your own Earth Hour and light some beeswax candles. We can practice those ideals everyday by being conscious about turning off lights when not needed.

Alternatives to night lights:

Since this blog is mostly about celiac disease, I feel obliged to offer some information or insight on this topic. So, here it is.... Have a sugar cookie.