Earth Day 2008 and Comments on Whole Foods' reusable bags

Happy Earth Day! 

I am pleased to see that a lot of companies are celebrating Earth Day. Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage are among them of course. Other companies such as Tokyo Joes are also celebrating by planting a tree in your name if your purchase a reusable water container. 

If I'm not mistaken, WF and VC are both giving away free reusable bags tomorrow on Earth Day. We don't have anything special planned, although it seems we should...

A note on reusable bags...

Some of our favorite resusable bags:

Chico bags:These are durable and have a handy-dandy pouch.
String cotton bags: These are very versatile bags. We even use one to hold bath toys.

We bought some reusable bags from Whole Food's recently. They are blue nylon (or nylon-like) material. At first glimpse, they seem durable and expansive. However, I went to use one today and noticed the seam had ripped on one side. Because of the stitching, the bag is still useable because there are other seams holding it together. I am not sure if this happened as a result of my use or prior. I was only carrying a few light items, so I can only imagine what would have happened if I was truly carrying large grocery items.

Whole Foods does not have my full trust for many different reasons. The CEO has proven himself to be a nut case. But that aside, here is an article about Whole Foods that I recently found:

The Whole Story About Whole Foods Market

One thing we are going to do to celebrate is plant a tree.... 


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